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                Global Logistics Support

                Global orders, local delivery

                Global strongholds to provide the most timely delivery on-site

                In order to bring your products to market more efficiently, you can rely on strong international global logistics support systems and regional service networks.Bright Internationalhas established perfect facilities in the world 38 strongholds,Bright International Logistics Support Services provide point-to-point solutions for your logistics needs.

                Bright international unique logistics support platform, including customer demand planning system, collaborative work mode, and automated warehousing operation, allows you to more accurately predict and control your logistics costs, in order to improve business efficiency. At the same time, Jianliang International has set up several regional service centers to help you meet customers'requirements in a timely manner. As your most reliable partner, Kengliang International will continue to develop and provide innovative services to help your business succeed.

                There are 38 marketing/service strongholds in 18 countries

                The head office carries out global operations such as capacity, finance and administration, and assigns five regional business centers to take charge of them. The headquarters of China mainland are located in Suzhou, the headquarters of Asia-Pacific region are located in Taipei General Administration Office, the European Operating Center is located in Munich, Germany, and the American Operating Center is located in San Jose, California.

                Branch Office

                suzhou branch
                Shenzhen Branch
                Shanghai headquarters
                Hong Kong Branch